Korean Beauty Full-Service Provider

We develop your bespoke beauty brand

from concept idea to finished product

Unlock your idea, in a few clicks!

Unlock your idea, in a few clicks.

Design a solid launching strategy with beauforia, 

founded by a cosmetics expert with a background 


 in a top-ranked company(L'Oreal and LG H&H), 

and over +10 years of experience, 

having launched +500 cosmetic products worldwide.

Private Label Cosmetic Developer

We develop your bespoke beauty brand from concept idea to finished product.

Full Service

Beauforia delivers full-service, consulting bespoke formulation, customized manufacturing, trendy design, and quick logistics.

Build your brand effortlessly 

with our end-to-end beauty solutions,


No.1 Expert

Beauforia is a company founded by cosmetics experts with backgrounds in renowned corporations(L'Oreal, LG H&H).  

With over 11 years of professional experience,  

Beauforia has successfully created more than 500 products in various countries worldwide.

Green Private Label

Beauforia is a cosmetic contract manufacturing company specialized in developing effective cosmetics for everyone. Our green private label service is inclusive, responsive, and eco-friendly. We not only tackle every beauty solutions with innovative formulas but also design the packaging.

Beauforia's Project

What product do you want to launch?

Our Best Korean Cosmetics

Fruit Lip Balm

Glow Melting Balm with Glossy texture, Color&Care, Daily lip balm, Translucent, Vegan, Infused with Korean fruits and flower ingredients.

Lip Tint (Matte)

Velvet Lip Tint with High Pigment and Bold Color, Comfortable Matte Texture, Velvety Smooth Formula, Longwear, Weightless,  Non-Sticky, Not Animal Tested.

Lip Tint (Glow)

Extraordinary Glow Lip Tint with Lip-Plumping, Naturally Moisturizing, Lightweight, Glow-Boosting, Long-Lasting, Comfortable, Non-Sticky.

Tone Up Sunscreen 
(SPF50+ PA+++)

It keeps makeup looking fresh all day long. Our formula absobs into your skin and provides non-greasy and natural tone up effect and silky finish.

Mask Stick  
(Red Beet, Green Tea, Blueberry)

Mask stick for deep pore cleansing, improvoing signs of skin aging, reducing blackheads, oil control, moisturing. Natural and safe ingredients for all skin types! 

Makeup Removing Balm

Involving or relating to treatment
intended to restore or improve a person's

What's New Formula

Glow Lip Balm

FMLA GLB 38012 

Lip Power Gloss Tint

FMLA LPG 38013

Lip Comfort Matte Tint

FMLA LCM 58012

Tone Up Sunscreen Pink

FMLA TUS 38016

Clay Mask (Green tea, Blueberry)

FMLA CM 38017

Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

FMLA MC 38017

What's New Packaging

Round Bottle with Dispenser 400ml

Shampoo, Treatment, Body Wash

Round Bottle with Dispenser 500ml

Shampoo, Treatment, Body Wash

Round Bottle with Dispenser 300ml

Sanitizer, Shampoo, Treatment, Body Wash

PE Tube 50ml

Sunscreen, Makeup base, Primer, Tinted Moisturizer, Cleanser

Round Twist-Up Stick 20g

Sunscreen Stick, Mask Stick, Makeup Base Stick

Cream Jar 100ml

Moisturizer, Cleansing balm

Design a solid cosmetics launching strategy with Beauforia, founded by a cosmetic expert with a background in top-ranked companies (L'Oreal and LG H&H)
and over +10 years of experience, 
having launched +500
cosmetics worldwide.

Our Services

Create Your Own Cosmetic Brand


At Beauforia, we believe in the power of brands. We use our in-house Cosmetic Agency to create unique designs that can empower and make a beauty brand iconic and meaningful.

- Brand LOGO

- Market Analysis

- Visuals & Desings


This is where we start to provide samples and packaging suggestions. We support companies and start-ups in developing and producing their customised private label beauty brands.

- Skincare

- Makeup (including Nail)

- Hair & Body Care

- Pet Care


The production phase starts with approving all formulas and placing purchase orders on your behalf for packaging, bulk and filling.

- Planning Timeline and Costs

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