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Capture the 'Early Anti-Aging' Trend and Embrace the 'Pre-Care Enthusiasts'! 
Preemptive Skin Aging Management and Increased Interest in Pre-Care


Demand for 'home aesthetics' products has been steadily increasing since COVID-19. This is because interest in self-care has surged while people stay at home. Particularly, the trend of 'early anti-aging' has become active as wrinkle and elasticity management, previously considered essential for those in their 40s and 50s, has expanded to those in their 20s and 30s. 

Recently, there's a growing focus on anti-aging products that allow for easy and convenient care, thanks to the emergence of 'pre-care enthusiasts' who start managing skin aging from a relatively young age.

Vegan beauty brand 'Beproject' garnered attention by introducing the 'Vegan Wrinkle Rolling Cream,' which enables both facial rolling and skincare. This product, which can simultaneously provide lifting, elasticity, moisturization, and whitening through the roller, has received an explosive response from consumers interested in anti-aging, as it contains key ingredients for wrinkle prevention, such as 'vegetable collagen.' 
According to Beproject, sales of the rolling cream increased by 116% compared to the previous year during the brand's May sale this year. What's more, it even ranked first in real-time rankings on KakaoTalk's 'Tock Deal' on the 19th of last month.

An official from Beproject stated, "As the demand for early anti-aging among the MZ generation increases, products for wrinkle and lifting care are gaining attention," adding, "Preventing skin aging in advance and easily managing one's appearance at home have become beauty trends."

Natural-derived functional cosmetics brand 'Issoi' responded to the needs of consumers looking for easy and convenient care by launching the 'Intensive Lifting Ampoule.' This product comes in an ampoule stick container with bead-shaped capsules attached, allowing for dual care of elasticity and facial massage.

Particularly, it received positive reviews from consumers as it adhered closely to the curved areas around the eyes, mouth, and other wrinkles, enhancing absorption. The ampoule contains collagen, which makes up skin proteins, and four peptides that enhance skin flexibility, ultimately improving skin elasticity. Recently, it also made its name in the 'Best Wrinkle Care' category selected by consumers in the domestic beauty community 'Powder Room' for June.

Facial care tools that can be used for massages are also popular, in line with the self-homecare trend. Not only for facial massages but also for scalp, lymph, and body massages, these versatile products are highly regarded.

The beauty brand 'Milk Touch' recently rebranded its popular product, the 'Slim Face Ceramic Massager,' in the brand's signature pink color and has once again gained popularity. The Slim Face Ceramic Massager is designed ergonomically and has six massage points that can be used for delicate massages of the scalp, jawline, forehead, decolletage, temple area, and lymphatic pressure points.

An official from Milk Touch mentioned, "The ceramic massager is a customized product that can be effectively managed in the midst of a busy daily routine," adding, "It's not only for the face but also for easy body care, making it highly versatile and well-loved."